Enterprise Cyber Security

Technology that detects. People that defend.
Understand the threats your business faces.
Increasingly complex threat campaigns. High-profile data breaches. Single-minded threat actors. The methods of cyber crime have evolved. Thankfully, so have your defences.
The range of threats that an organisation can face varies hugely from ransomware outbreaks to covert targeted attacks to accidental data breaches. But that doesn’t mean that businesses cannot be prepared for all of these eventualities.
The key to gaining confidence in your security approach is understand the threats your business faces and to implement the right combination of technology and automation, people and skills, policy and process. 

How can your business implement this security approach?

BAE Systems Managed Security...

The answer is BAE Systems' Managed Security Services.

We offer a range of cyber security and intelligence products and services to protect and enhance the connected world.

For companies that find hiring and training a cyber security professional exhausting and expensive, our Managed Security Services (MSS) is a smart alternative. We have multiple options for both manning and instrumenting your organisation – along with a big data platform and advanced analytics experience.
BAE Systems has defended the networks, data and devices of governments and corporations for over 40 years. We bring that scale, knowledge and capability to the defence of companies – large and small.