Discovering Hidden Threats

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Discovering Hidden Threat Cyber crime and espionage has a potentially large reward with a relatively low risk level. In today’s more mature market a higher percentage of attacks are now targeted, and the majority of advanced (persistent and professional) attacks are successful.
Attackers research their targets and the available security tools to build new tactics that will go undetected by standard security tools and methods.
Listen to BAE Systems’ Dave Gormley, Product Specialist (Cyber Security) and Adrian Nish, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence - as they educate you on what this means to your organization and how you can best prepare yourself to reduce your organizational risk.
This webinar covers the evolution of cyber attacks toward more hidden, advanced malware and is a stark reminder of how tough it can be to protect your organization from malicious attacks. It references examples such as the recent ‘Qbot’ resurgence (a new shape-shifting version of the malware) to show how older methods are being revived in new, highly sophisticated formats to evade security mechanisms.
We also explore how self-protection, polymorphism and frequent infrastructure changes enables this type of malware to avoid detection – and why combining persistent prevention, threat intelligence, big data analytics and in-depth investigation efforts are the keys to improving your ability to keep your environment safe from hidden threats.
This webinar looks at:
  • The dangers of limited visibility, speed and flexibility
  • The need for better security at each stage
  • The four ways to protect against advanced attacks
    o   Updating your prevention measures
    o   Using advanced detections (big data analytics)
    o   Including external information (an “outside-in” view)
    o   Efficient, in-depth investigation and response capabilities
  • An in depth explanation of how these attacks are orchestrated
  • What problems customers are solving with the use of analytics  
Educate yourself on the latest threats and the best practice for protecting your organization today.