Cyber Security for
Small to Midsized Business

Mitigate risk and improve your network security posture
Focus on growing your business. Let us handle the security.
We provide world-class cyber security to thousands of companies, around the world, and it’s clear that every organisation, big and small, is now a target. Smaller businesses have fewer resources to defend themselves – and that’s where BAE Systems can help. We provide cyber security for Small and Midsized Businesses (SMBs) with Managed Security Services and our Email Protection Suite.
We provide that protection with Managed Security Services, designed to protect your business IT infrastructure against the threat of Cyber Attack, and Email Protection to secure your email against malware, phishing, social engineering and more.
SMB Customer Satisfaction

We let our customers do the talking...

“EXEMPLARY customer service and superior follow-up and follow through. I am a life-long customer because your services, protection, gigabyte storage and overall customer service is FANTASTIC!!!”

Can you help my size of company?

Whether you‘ve fifty or five thousand employees, BAE Systems can provide the right level of support at a price point that fits your business. Our cloud-based security software and managed security services for SMBs will help your business remain secure and compliant just like larger companies without having to manage your own dedicated security team.
Nations and governments rely on our security expertise - your business can benefit from our capabilities too, scaled to meet your own budget and requirements.

Need a clear security strategy for your business? 

Closing the SMB Security Gap


Download: Closing the SMB Security Gap -

Six steps to better cyber security for your business

Struggling to find the right security strategy to implement for your business? Understand your cyber security landscape and how to be better prepared in our new guide.

How can BAE Systems help my business?


Secure your email and IT systems:

  • BAE Systems will secure your email against malware, phishing, whaling, CEO fraud, malicious links and spam - ensuring you can focus on core business activities;
  • Ensure sensitive information is not unintentionally sent out of your company;
  • Scan for potential network vulnerabilities to understand your weaknesses before the criminals;
  • Manage your perimeter security devices, remote user access and multi-factor authentication;
  • Monitor your network 24x7 and correlate security events using SIEM technology from our Security Operations Centers (SOCs).
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