As a result of COVID-19 many organisations and governments are finding themselves in an unprecedented situation. There has been a switch to remote and home working on a scale not seen before.
Many businesses have also suspended or partially suspended many of their non-critical operations, and are struggling to maintain critical operations. 
This is unusual in that it is occurring globally, across all sectors, and impacting entire supply chains. It’s also unusual that it is occurring for an extended period - most DR plans tend to be short term.
In response to this, many organisations have been invoking partial or full Business Continuity Plans (BCP). This is likely to continue for in some form, for a major part of 2020.

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Cyber Incidence Readiness, Security and Operational Resilience in the face of Covid-19
If you are already in "Plan B", if you suffer an incident, what is "Plan C" and can you effectively deploy it?
To help you with this, download our new report which includes guidance and a number of questions that as an organisation, you should be asking yourselves, as well as steps that you should take to safeguard your readiness for cyber incidents, resilience and security.
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