Cyber Defence Monitor 2017:
The Intelligence Disconnect

You're ready to protect your organisation.
From your Board, your IT department, or the actual attackers?
Cyber security may be a top board room priority, but what does that mean in practice? We talked to over 1,200 people from two distinct groups within companies: senior executives and IT decision makers (ITDMs).
Close examination of the responses to our survey suggested that, while these two groups agree on many things, they often do so from very different perspectives, symptomatic of a lack of clear communication and agreed basic information shared between executives and IT leaders.


C-level executives estimated the cost of a successful attack at $11.6 million, while IT decision makers averaged out at $19.2 million.

Cyber Defence Monitor 2017: Cost of an attack


Cyber security represents the most significant business challenge to 71% of C-Suite respondents.

Cyber Defence Monitor 2017: Business Challenge


Amongst IT Decision makers, 72% expect to be targeted by a cyber attack over the next 12 months.

Cyber Defence Monitor 2017: ITDM


Both groups placed the responsibility for a cyber attack succeeding on the shoulders of the other group.

Cyber Defence Monitor 2017
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