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As a Communications Service Provider you have many legal obligations placed on you by your regulators.

The most pertinent of that is the need for you to retain communications metadata (Data Retention/DR) and to intercept communications (Lawful Interception/LI), under your regulatory obligations to Telecom Regulators and Government.

Data usage is growing strongly on your network, which necessitates constant expansion of the DR and LI systems to maintain coverage, in order to fully meet regulatory obligations. With this increased data usage the underlying network technology is also changing in order to increase speed and facilitate these new services. The knock on effect of this means that you need to modify and constantly expand the DR and LI systems to maintain coverage. Therefore it is critical that you must plan for the DR/LI systems when contemplating network build-out and new services.

DR and LI are not revenue earning activities; so taking an inefficient approach can generate unwanted extra costs for your business.

Law Enforcement Agencies expect timely, accurate, and reliable access to the relevant communications data, and you wish to protect your subscribers’ confidentiality and disclose the minimum required by law. You therefore need a secure, auditable and flexible workflow which minimises disruption to your day to day operations.

How can we help you?

Automation of the disclosures process for DR and LI allows for maximum efficiency and low cost compliance. Our DataRetain™ and CommsRetain™ solutions offer the lowest cost compliance in their class compared to competitor solutions or bespoke in-house solutions.

Low cost compliance doesn’t mean CSPs have to compromise on features or performance:

  • DataRetain™ scales way beyond the ~150TB limitation of relational databases, and queries up to 10x faster
  • CommsRetain™ has plug-ins for almost any switch and handover standard, both ETSI and CALEA for on switch connection

Our solutions are secure by design with a full audit trail, flexible permissions and tailorable workflow, all of which meet legal obligations globally whilst causing minimal disruption to your day to day business; and all with a much lower total cost of ownership.

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