Cloud Based Cyber Security in APAC

Nearly 95% of all cyber attacks begin with an email

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Cloud Based Cyber Security in APAC

BAE Systems is now bringing cloud-based cyber security to organisations across the Asia Pacific region, introducing a suite of security solutions designed to defend against email-based threats including targeted and ‘Zero Day’ attacks and malicious and accidental ‘Insider threats’.

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats and increasing budget pressures, companies are seeking better protection through advanced security platforms, while still requiring the solution to be cost-effective.

Our solutions, meet this demand.

Offered entirely from the cloud, these solutions greatly reduce integration time and complexity, and offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution to on premise software and hardware. Companies will have the flexibility to gain access to the technology they need more easily and quickly in a way that suits them.

Our cloud-based cyber security solutions leverage BAE Systems’ expertise as a leader in risk analytics and cyber defence.

With this launch, we are introducing APAC businesses to a new kind of protection against sophisticated cyber attacks that is easy to buy, consume and manage.

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