Nicola Eschenburg, Rupinder Sandhu, Grace Johnstone and Kirsty McCann were also shortlisted in the 2019 awards – a hugely impressive feat.
The TechWomen100 Awards received over 700 nominations from across the UK and Northern Ireland. So, to have won or been shortlisted is a phenomenal achievement – showcasing the talented women that we’re proud to have in our team at BAE Systems.
To find out why Harriet, Monique and Kinjal were awarded with the top prize this year, read our spotlight feature below.

Harriet Shaw, Proposition Lead – New Ventures

Harriet Shaw Harriet’s studies in biology, chemistry and biotech entrepreneurship led her to a start-up initiative designed to address the emotional deficit challenges facing autistic children. It was while working on this project – part of her Masters degree – that Harriet realised her passion for using technology to address real-world problems.
After completing her Masters, Harriet joined the BAE Systems Graduate Programme – deeming national security and defence as both a vital and highly tangible problem to be focusing on. For three years, she worked with government and law enforcement organisations to catch criminals and defend victims.
Upon completing the graduate programme, Harriet joined BAE Systems Futures, an innovative team tasked with developing new product ideas and solving complex pervading challenges.
Harriet is now leading the development of a new anti-financial crime product called the FinCrime Testing Service. The product looks at how criminals hide their money – simulating their behaviour to enable financial institutions to distinguish criminal proceeds from legal funds.
Learn more about the FinCrime Testing Service

Kinjal Dave, Research Scientist

Kinjal Dave A former youth councillor, Kinjal joined BAE Systems Applied Intelligence in 2016 after studying Nuclear Engineering at University of Cambridge and Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary University of London.
At BAE Systems, Kinjal has been involved with a broad spectrum of projects. One of her most prominent and successful roles has been as a member of the Project Management Office for BAE Systems’ Export Control Programme. There, her main responsibility was to coordinate and maintain adherence to a tight reporting cycle.
Quickly assuming a central position in the programme, Kinjal developed an onboarding process for new starters. That involved the creation of an internal software tool – comprising an IT glossary and an IT requests tracker (increasing accountability and efficiency). Kinjal also designed and implemented a new framework which provides weekly reporting and status reports to ensure visibility for all project managers on the team.
More recently, Kinjal has been part of a highly specialised team of scientists working on high power and directed energy systems – computing and modelling the dielectric properties of different materials.
Aim to be the best and then inspire others to do the same. Kinjal Dave, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Monique Ho, Business Analyst

Monique Ho Monique is driven by a personal mission to help organisations build a happier, more effective workplace and to make people’s lives better. Graduating with a biochemistry degree, Monique joined BAE Systems Applied Intelligence as a Cyber Security Consultant. In this role she provided clients with network data analysis and information assurance, protecting them from cyber-attacks.
Monique then became a Business Analyst on various flagship programmes for telco and central government clients. She worked closely with the business and developers to establish data warehouses, mobile, and bespoke biometric applications.
In 2018, Monique joined BAE Systems Futures as a Venture Lead. She performed market research and validation to develop new lines of business for the organisation. Later in the year, she embraced a lead role within Innovation Exchange – an in-house idea crowdsourcing programme – driving a four-fold increase in colleague engagement and tangible proof of concepts within four months.
Monique now helps clients with their cybersecurity strategies and organisation design. As a well-respected employee representative, she provides consulting to senior management and leads initiatives to support business analyst colleagues on their career journeys. She is a regular speaker at public events on ‘intrapreneurship’ (corporate innovation) and inclusion in practice.
There is no such thing as a role model because everyone is on a different path, achieving different goals. Are you ready to accept and celebrate our differences? Monique Ho, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
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