Trends in Payments Fraud Across the full spectrum of payments, customer expectations are increasing, but with this raised customer expectation, the perceived threat level from fraudulent activity is also on the rise.
In this Business Defense Webinar we explore the key current (and emerging) payment trends, the shift towards customer-centric payment systems and the impact that this is having on fraud prevention measures.
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In this session, Mariola Marzouk (Head of Global Financial Crime & Fraud Insights, BAE Systems) looks into the emerging trends and attitudes towards payments, and the corresponding increase in opportunity for fraudsters to commit crime. The rise of technology has changed customer expectations, payments are getting faster and fraud prevention needs to be able to move fast as well.  
  • Emerging Payments Trends
  • Application Fraud Trends
  • Mobile Payments Fraud
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Social Engineering
These emerging trends and the shift towards a customer-centric model offering omni-channel, real-time payments means that fraud prevention measures must also be able to operate effectively in real-time and across multiple channels.
Organisations must ensure that they have effective tools and technologies in place to combat the increased threat and where possible couple this with educational campaigns to keep their customers informed. Payment systems are moving faster and ultimately, organisations must ensure that their fraud prevention measures are able to keep pace. Download the full recording of this session now to learn more.

Business Defense Webinar: Trends in Payments Fraud

Business Defense Webinar : Trends in Payment Fraud



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