The Intelligence Disconnect BAE Systems' recently published Cyber Defense Monitor uncovered insights into how organizations go about securing and managing cyber security.
We spoke with over 1,200 senior executives and IT decision makers from around the world to understand their concerns and perceptions of their own cyber security preparedness.
Our research revealed a surprising disconnect between the views of C-suite respondents and those of IT decision makers in their understanding of cyber threats and the corresponding business and technology risks.
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In this session, experts from BAE Systems and market research firm Opinium discuss the varying perspectives and challenges organizations are facing. Listen as Adam Wilson, Senior Research Manager at Opinium and Jonathan Draper, Head of Cyber Defense Strategy at BAE Systems, provide details on the key findings of the report, including:
  • The most significant concerns businesses have today
  • The level of confidence businesses have with attack prevention
  • Determining who is responsible in the event of an attack
  • The different perspectives of each stakeholder, and possible reasons for the disconnect
Businesses are rightfully concerned about the need to implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Now more than ever, C-suite executives and IT Decision Makers need to be aligned to ensure prevention is paramount – discover more about “Intelligence Disconnect” and the potential impact to a compromised organization.

Business Defense Webinar: The Intelligence Disconnect

Business Defense Webinar: The Intelligence Disconnect (Cyber Defense)



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The Intelligence Disconnect: The 2017 Cyber Defence Monitor Research

The Intelligence Disconnect: The 2017 Cyber Defence Monitor Research

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