Business Defense Webinar: Powering Adaptive Defense with Threat Intelligence

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Critical care heart monitor image The digital immune system - Adaptive defense, self-adapting, AI, ML and automation are the buzzwords in every new security product and there has been alot of noise in the marketplace with discussion to this effect.
Should we be comfortable with the analogy of the immune system? Can we really put a product in, sit back and let it magically cope with changing scenarios? Find out more in this month's Budiness defense Webinar.

In this month’s Business Defense webinar explore how we cause immune system failure and think on how we can best support our immune system to thrive. Mary Haigh, Product Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence explores the analogy of the human immune system and the notion of adaptive defense in relation to the security of your digital immune system, including:
  • The need for robust learning systems;
  • What are the necessary human inputs;
  • The importance of understand environmental factors including geopolitical, business operation, business decision making and technology adoption.
Watch the full recording of our September Business Defense Webinar, or download the slides now.