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Business Defence Webinar: Empowering You - the Citizen Data Scientists

Business Defence Webinar Series
Missed our live Fraud Detection webinar? Watch it on demand.
Business Defense Webinar: Empowering YouWith all the hyperbole in the marketplace today, how do you determine AI hype or fiction? Where does analytics sit in your organisation?
In our August Business Defence Webinar, we show how your organisation can reduce the barriers to entry for enablement of machine learning techniques across several use cases through demonstration, discussion and collaboration. We explore the capabilities of advanced analytics paired with domain knowledge and how it can deliver greater results for detecting and alerting on fraud, waste or abuse.

In this 'Business Defence Webinar: Empowering You – the Citizen Data Scientists – to Realise Business Value from Efficiently Using Analytics' you will learn how to:
  • Use packaged advanced analytic techniques to deliver business value from your organisation's data;
  • Deliver better detection and ROI through effective modeling;
  • Take analytical findings and operationalise for business value.

Watch the full recording of our August Business Defence Webinar, or download the slides now.