Webinar: Detection and Response - Beyond the Black Boxes

Business Defence Webinar Series
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Business Defense Webinar: Detection and ResponseIn a world where Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) use mysterious black boxes, rely on aging technology, and hide behind service level agreements (SLA) that haven’t evolved since the mid 90’s, there has been significant growth in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions that claim to improve threat detection and incident response capabilities. And, it makes sense; modern organisations require more from their MSSPs than managing firewalls and throwing alerts at their analysts.

But, what does a MDR solution really solve?  
Shouldn’t a MSSP already monitor and detect for any threat to your organisation?

In this month’s Business Defence Webinar Detection and Response - Beyond the Black Boxes we explore the needs that are driving the MDR market, how slow innovation in products and services and lack of focus on customer needs from industry titans has promoted this market growth and explore whether they are long-term solutions to your problems.

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