Business Defense Webinar: Closing the Security Gap

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Business Defense Webinar: Closing the Security GapMany small to mid-sized businesses struggle with figuring out the right security strategy to implement for their businesses. With the demands of growing a business, many leaders will look for a “silver bullet” to defend against cyber attacks even if one doesn’t exist.
We discuss the six biggest security challenges for small to mid-sized businesses and the steps you can take today to strengthen your businesses security posture.

In this month's 'Business Defense Webinar: Closing the Security Gap' our expert speaker Bulent Teksoz - VP of Technical Sales at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence - explores:
  • What is the SMB security gap?
  • Why the SMB security gap exists?
  • What are the different types of security gap?
  • What is the scale of the challenge facing SMBs?
  • The steps you can take to achieve better cyber security for your business.
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