Insurance Fraud Solutions Fraud schemes have become more sophisticated and have been enabled by technological shifts, such as the proliferation of smartphones and the increase in online P&C insurance distribution.
Carriers need to use more advanced technology to not only detect known fraud but to identify looming modus operandi and future risk.
These emerging technologies can be effective in the fight against both new and traditional fraud schemes by helping to identify potential fraud during the underwriting and claims processes.
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In this month’s business defense webinar, Dan Gumpright, Global Insurance Product Manager at BAE Systems, is joined by Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst with Aite Group’s P&C Insurance practice. They discuss highlights from Jay’s recent report, Fighting Emerging Fraud Schemes with Data and Artificial Intelligence, including: 
  • How to identify emerging fraud trends
  • How to use technological advancements to your advantage
  • The roles that data and artificial intelligence play in fighting fraud
Download the full recording of our Business Defense Webinar to find out how carriers need to use advancements in technology to their advantage in identifying and preventing fraud.

Business Defense Webinar: Catch me if you can

Business Defense Webinar: Catch Me If You Can (Insurance Fraud)



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