Business Defence Webinar: 
The SIU Strikes Back

Business Defence Webinar Series
Discover the powerful technique that's detecting organised and opportunistic fraud.
Business Defense Webinar: The SIU Strikes Back With data analysis, entity resolution, network building capabilities and case management, Social Network Analysis can give your Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and counter-fraud teams an unfair advantage over fraudsters.

With SNA, you can tackle both opportunistic and organised fraud – and at least one multinational insurance firm that has achieved greater than 500 per cent ROI, while doubling its investigation efficiency.

At BAE Systems we have used Social Network Analytics (SNA) and other advanced investigation techniques to uncover both opportunistic and organised insurance fraud for over a decade.

Learn how you can incorporate this powerful tool for fraud detection across your business – from quote manipulation through to tackling organised fraud schemes – by watching our webinar.