Adapting infrastructure for Digital Transformation BAE Systems has sponsored independent research from PAC into the impact of digital transformation on IT infrastructure. The pan-European, multi-sector research highlights the key drivers for transformation and the challenges faced.
The findings include what technology solutions organisations are considering for their digital transformation initiatives, the types of partners they are planning to use and the services they plan to deploy.
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Transforming mission-critical infrastructure for the digital age is a core issue for many organisations and cost reduction is no longer the only driver. Performance, availability, security and innovation are now the key goals.
The reality is that there is there’s no magic button that can be pressed to move workloads to cloud. This is particularly true where existing workloads contain a high proportion of legacy technology. Engineering new digital platforms may be the only way to achieve this.
There are myriad choices when considering cloud provision. Self-managed and private cloud is still preferred by many over the public cloud, despite the general trend towards the latter. Many organisations see multi-cloud as an important requirement, even though ‘born digital’ businesses are often single-cloud. This suggests an interesting difference between digital natives and more risk-averse businesses.
Whichever path is selected, new approaches to security and compliance are required.  In the EU, significant fines under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive) are possible if data systems are not adequately secure. The risks from cyber attack must also be understood and mitigated.
With a heritage in securing the most sensitive data of government and businesses around the world, BAE Systems is uniquely placed to support organisations in making these technology choices and securely moving to the cloud.

PAC Trend Study: Transforming your infrastructure for Digital

PAC Trend Study: Transforming Your Infrastructure for Digital

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