The last 12 months have seen significant changes in the geopolitical landscape in Europe and across the globe. At the same time, we’re continuing to see seismic shifts in the use of digital technology to inform decision making where the stakes are high.

Our team of experts at Digital Intelligence works closely with government organisations, across the defence sector, and beyond, to advance our use of digital technologies in these areas.
Here they share their technology forecasts for 2023 - they tell us that we can expect to see AI and machine learning analysing datasets generated in space, that government organisations will break down siloes, and that 2023 could be the year ‘the world is held to ransom’…
16 predictions for 2023 from BAE Systems Digital Intelligence:
  1. BAE Systems Digital Intelligence 2023 Predictions front cover image AI and machine learning to analyse datasets generated in space -> find out more

  2. The first major satellite hack -> find out more
  3. New partnerships and collaboration with SMEs -> find out more
  4. Reprogrammable satellites to address space junk and debris -> find out more
  5. 2023 could be the year ‘the world is held to ransom’ -> find out more
  6. Adversarial AI could become a real world concern -> find out more
  7. Developments within the cyber insurance market -> find out more
  8. Energy security and cybersecurity converge -> find out more
  9. Retaining mid-level cybersecurity employees a top priority -> find out more
  10. 5G rollouts will widen the attack surface -> find out more
  11. The UK government will evolve cyber capabilities -> find out more
  12. Defence to break down data silos to gain advantage -> find out more
  13. Defence transformation in line with the tumultuous geopolitical landscape -> find out more
  14. Government to prioritise data optimisation -> find out more
  15. Bridging the STEM skills gap as a national security priority -> find out more
  16. D&I maturity to bolster recruitment and talent pipelines -> find out more
To find out more, download our full 2023 predictions from our experts
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