Why Ignoring Incident Response Could Spell Disaster Webinar

"Why Ignoring Incident Response Could Spell Disaster" Webinar

28 March 2019

Global, Global, Global, United Kingdom

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at ACAMS Hollywood! More than 1/3 of enterprises surveyed for our 2019 Incident Response Report respond to 25 or more cyber incidents per month. We'd like to invite you to a 30-minute webinar where we’ll look at the incident response readiness of your peer organizations, the resources they have in place, and where they are investing to shore up their capabilities.

Every year the volume of data breaches increases, as does the average time to detect these breaches, and many enterprises are simply underprepared to deal with the aftermath of a breach. Join the webinar to learn how to develop a robust incident response plan for your organization.