Webinar: GDPR As a business enabler

25 January 2017
GDPR Webinar 
Webinar: GDPR As a business enabler
25 January 2017 2017-01-25T05:16:02+01:00 2017-01-25T05:16:05+01:00
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In this webinar, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence will look at how GDPR can be embraced as a catalyst of change to create real business benefits - with examples of how we have implemented Privacy by Design to achieve positive results.

Anyone whose organisation handles large amounts of personal data is aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into effect in May 2018. Is GDPR compliance a burden and a compliance exercise? Or can it be a driver of real change for business improvement to create tangible commercial benefits? How do we achieve Privacy by Design that will work for our own organisation? How can privacy and data rigour be applied to enhance our business?

Join us for this webinar to discover how to use big data security to its full potential.