SWIFT Business Forum London 2017

SWIFT Business Forum London 2017

25 April 2017

The Dock Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, London, E1W 2SF, United Kingdom

In the UK and globally, financial institutions are innovating technology and business models in order to remain relevant and competitive. At the same time, resilience and risk management are top of mind for senior executives, especially in the light of rapidly evolving cyber threats impacting the industry.

The SWIFT Business Forum London will focus on the key issues affecting the financial industry, particularly as they impact UK and global markets. The latest R&D and proof-of-concepts from the SWIFT Lab will also be showcased at the event.
Meet our cyber experts who will be attending the event, to discuss how we can help Swift members prepare for the SWIFT security controls as part of their Customer Security Programme. 

SWIFT Customer Security Programme

As part of SWIFT’s Customer Security Intelligence Team, we’re uniquely positioned to help you assess and comply with the Framework’s requirements – and make sure your institution is protected from compromise. Find more about the SWIFT Customer Security Programme.
Or you can contact us today to discuss your requirements.
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Tobacco Dock

London, United Kingdom
The Dock Tobacco Quay
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United Kingdom
Fightback against cyber criminals starts here

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