RSA Conference 2018

RSA Conference 2019

4 - 8 March 2019

747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States of America

BAE Systems is proud to be a silver sponsor at RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco where we will meet with customers and industry experts. Visit us at booth 5877, North Expo.

RSA Conference will attract over 30,000 cyber security professionals from hundreds of institutions worldwide. Visit us at booth 5877, north expo during the event to hear about cyber_reveal our comprehensive suite of technology and services that bring clarity to your cyber security. cyber_reveal combines advanced technology with leading cyber security experts to defend commercial organizations of any size.

The cyber_reveal suite encompasses cyber risk services, threat intelligence, managed threat services, device management and incident response. Our technology is tailored to your business, allowing you to understand, detect and effectively respond to threats, reduce business risk and improve the return on your security investment.

Visit us on Booth 5877, North Expo – and hear from our experts:


'Context Wrapped Security – Driving Down Business Risk'

Detect Who: Michelle Farr, US Lead - Enterprise Security, BAE Systems
When: Tuesday 5 March at 11:00am, North Expo Briefing Center
Human unconsciously gather information to aid decision making. Too often in security we make important decisions without the context. Learn why actionable context is key to reducing business risk.

You can hear more from our experts on Cyber Risk and Managed Security Services at our live on booth presentations listed below:


Presentation: 'Business Relevant Security'

Speaker: Gerrit Boele, Solution Engineer
Creating relevancy in a complex security landscape is a daunting task. This presentation covers striking the right balance between people, process, and technology to build the right solution the first time and deliver business relevant reporting.

Presentation: 'Break Through Infrastructure Complexity'

Speaker: Chris Martincavage, Business Solutions Consultant
Maintaining multi-vendor, multi-technology security platforms causes an overlap in functionality, duplication, data confusion and false positives.  In this presentation, we’ll cover the implications of a complex security infrastructure, how to assess what you have and how to plan for an optimized and efficient security system.

Presentation: 'Get People, Not Problems'

Speaker: Kyle Draisey, Director - Technical Consulting
Security engineers are hard to find and command top salary figures when they are available.  This makes it difficult for smaller and mid-sized companies to compete for these resources.  In this presentation, we’ll suggest solutions to ensure your company has the right people in the right roles to secure your business. 

Presentation: 'Break Through Cyber Risk'

Speaker: Kyle Benson, Product Marketing Manager
Cyber attacks are business risks, not just technology risks.  To manage risk, organizations should assess the likelihood and potential impact of an event and then determine the best approach to deal with the risks: avoid, transfer, accept, or mitigate.  This presentation will cover the essential elements of cyber risk reduction. 

To find out more you can explore our full range of products including our cyber_reveal suite.
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