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GDPR - Will the UK be ready for May 2018?

27 April 2017
GDPR - Will the UK be ready for May 2018?
GDPR - Will the UK be ready for May 2018?
27 April 2017 2017-04-27T13:03:29+02:00 2017-04-27T13:03:33+02:00
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In this webinar we will look at the potential impact of GDPR on public sector organisations and what can be learnt from our engagement with commercial organisations already working towards GDPR readiness.

If you are concerned about what you need to do for GDPR compliance, whether you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer, or what the difference is between the DPA and GDPR, join our webinar to find out more. We will not only look at the requirements for GDPR readiness, but will provide guidance on how to engage with GDPR to protect your customers and service users as well as your organisation under the new regulatory regime.

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