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Business Defense Webinar:
Uncovering the Paper Trail

Adopting technology to comply with beneficial ownership
25 January 2018
FinCEN: Beneficial Ownership Compliance Changes
Business Defense Webinar:
Uncovering the Paper Trail
25 January 2018 2018-01-25T16:26:47+01:00 2018-01-25T16:28:12+01:00
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The Panama Papers were an unprecedented leak of data that exposed politicians and their associates across the globe, many of whom were forced to resign their positions in disgrace in the wake of the papers being published. 
But what impact did the Panama Papers have in relation to AML compliance regulations? More importantly, what are financial institutions around the world doing in response to these regulations?
Answers to those questions and more will be discussed in this month’s Business Defense Webinar.  
Brian Ferro, BAE Systems Product Manager for AML/BSA Compliance will detail the impact of the FinCEN Final CDD rule and the 4th EU MLD in relation to how this impacts financial institutions and what these organizations need to do to be prepared.