Cyber Breakfast: UK-German Threat Intelligence Briefing

23 March 2017

An der Kalvey 5, Düsseldorf, 40489, Germany

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is proud to host the next Cyber Breakfast Briefing in Düsseldorf where you will be able to meet our cyber experts.
Understanding the big picture, using Threat Intelligence to understand what is going on and putting in place operational awareness are some of the key challenges organisations are facing.

You can hear from our business defence experts during the event:

Cyber Heist: Two bytes to $951m'

Thursday, 23 March (9:40am)
Dr. Adrian Nish, Head of Threat Intelligence, BAE Systems
If you would like to arrange a meeting with us during our Cyber Breakfast Briefing please email us at
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Cyber Breakfast: UK-German Threat Intelligence Briefing

Düsseldorf, Germany
An der Kalvey 5