Eight key pressures on security operations

Regain control with Managed Security Services (MSS)
Identify key pressures and regain control of your security operations
8 Key Pressures on Security OperationsSecurity operations have come under increasing pressure from well-funded attackers armed with new tactics, tools and skills.
Couple this with additional scrutiny, micromanagement and oversight as IT security climbs the business agenda of many organisations and it becomes clear that it's vital to have the right information at your disposal to describe your challenges and suggest solutions.

These forces can be categorised as those from external sources, and those which your business places on you. In this paper, we explore in detail the external and internal forces applying pressure to your security operations, and how Managed Security Services (MSS) can help you release pressure and regain control.

External challenges

  • Increased volume of attacks
  • Increased sophistication of threats
  • Evolution of technology and increasing amount of data
  • Increasing regulation and compliance

Internal challenges

  • Board Pressure
  • Defining and updating strategy
  • Expense in depth
  • Fighting the war for talent
The pressures faced by security operations today are not going away, therefore a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) should be a serious consideration, moving the onus of balancing and bearing these pressures onto an organisation specifically arranged to handle them.
Working with a managed security services provider allows your organisation to harness the innovations in technology to drive your business forward, whilst mitigating security risks - and in most cases delivering lower, more flexible costs. Being able to support initiatives and allowing IT staff to focus on your core business will only help to accelerate the business growth.