Cyber Defense Survey

BAE Systems’ research finds 40% of US executives unsure if companies have formal cyber security programs in place
Cyber defense survey infographic BAE Systems conducted a study to gauge the concerns and attitudes of managers on cyber security at companies in the Financial Services, Insurance and Tech/IT industries.
Our research has revealed a greater need for communication and deployment of cyber security best practices across industries.
More than 40% of surveyed executives in the US were unsure (or don't have a clear understanding of) the cyber security protocols that are in place within their organization.
Additionally, we have identified key areas which organizations should be aware of including: the increasingly important role that the CISO now plays in the corporate leadership team, the remarkably low uptake of cyber insurance policies among businesses and the inconsistency in the cyber security training which organizations offer their employees.
Get access to industry insight and statistics on trends in cyber defense including:
  • Understanding the risks
  • The rising role of the CSO/CISO
  • Encryption is a key tool 
  • Anti-virus and firewalls are being breached
  • Cyber security training remains inconsistent
  • Data breach threats