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Cyber Defence Monitor 2017:

With varying levels of investment, readiness and confidence, cyber security in Asia Pacific represents one of the most dynamic regions in this year’s Cyber Defence Monitor.

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Are your board and your IT department on the same page?

Cyber security may be a top board room priority, but what does that mean in practice? We talked to over 1,200 people around the world from two distinct groups within companies: senior executives and IT decision makers.
Close examination of the responses to our survey suggested that, while these two groups agree on many things, they often do so from very different perspectives, symptomatic of a lack of clear communication and agreed basic information shared between executives and IT leaders.

Among our findings:

  • IT Decision Makers and boardroom directors believe the other is responsible in the event of a breach. 66% of C-Suite respondents say their IT teams and staff more broadly are responsible in the event of a breach, whereas over half of ITDMs (57%) think senior management and leaders should shoulder the blame.
  • Singaporean IT Decision Makers believe the cost of a successful cyber attack on their business to be around S$27.1m compared to an estimation of just S$10.6m from board level directors in the same country.
  • Both groups believe the number and severity of attacks will increase over the coming year with 81% of board respondents and 80% of IT teams predicting an increase in the number of attacks, and 67% and 78% respectively predicting an increase in the severity of attacks.
  • Twice as many C-Suite executives think that human error will enable a cyber attack than ITDMs (62% vs 30%), indicating the C-Suite have lower confidence in the cyber savviness of their people
  • Globally, cyber security represents the most significant business challenge to 71% of C-Suite respondents, compared to 76% in Singapore.


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