Our Business Areas

Everyday, together, we do great things
Our people are smart. They work it out. They have an unstoppable desire to be smarter than the threats our customers face. Everyone plays a part in what we do. So no matter where you work or whatever your area of expertise, you'll be much more than just a job title; you'll be making a difference every day.
Engineering employees working


Our engineers are encouraged to innovate and to think of better ways to solve business problems for our clients.
two corporate function employees walking

Corporate Functions

There’s a wide range of opportunities for people from all backgrounds and industries – find the right career for you.
Two consulting employees working


Our Consultants deliver solutions that deliver  tangible outcomes and long-term value to our clients.
Sales and Business development employees in meeting

Sales & Business Development

Client relationships are our lifeblood, join the team that transforms them into success.
Cyber employee working


Solving complex cyber security problems means we can help our clients prepare for the next generation of cyber threat.
Project & Service Delivery Management employees working

Project and Service Delivery Management

Real variety and real responsibility, from start to finish.