Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion
Embracing difference - the best people for our business come from all sorts of backgrounds
Our focus on diversity and inclusion helps us find the best people, engage with them and develop their skills, helping them to build a successful long-term career with us.
Diversity and Inclusion are a matter of policy at BAE Systems AI. It is a commitment demonstrated through to the highest level of the organisation. The more we are able fully to embrace talent from all walks of life, the more sustainable we will be as a business and the more successful we will be in the long term; quite simply, it is the right thing to do.
Stories from AI - Cindy

Stories from AI

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Cindy, Junior Solutions Architect at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, talks about her journey through the business.
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Putting words into action

We want to challenge traditional stereotypes and present a more up-to-date and exciting perspective on careers in science, engineering and technology. We have again been listed in The Times' newspaper's top 50 UK companies in which women want to work. 
Embracing difference. Being open to new ideas. It's part of the culture at BAE Systems – so it's no surprise that diversity and inclusion are so high on our agenda.

We've got an increasingly diverse global workforce, and ambitious business plans that will require us to harness every employee's full potential. We’ll build on the success we’ve achieved to date by making every contribution count.

Diversity and inclusion is important because it is central to us continuing to achieve business excellence on many levels.
When we feel included, we also feel valued and respected for the unique contributions we make. Being inclusive in our workplace is at the heart of creating the right conditions for us and our organisation to thrive.

Our Business areas

Join us in any part of the business and we'll encourage you to develop your skills. We believe that individual differences make our team stronger so we'll encourage and support you to develop your skills and reward you as you grow. Whatever your area of expertise and wherever you work, you'll make everyday matter.
Whatever your job title, you'll be an integral part of our business, making a difference every day.