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Fraud Detection & Prevention

Protecting institutions and individuals from loss of monetary and information assets.


Explore our NetReveal® Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions:

Business Defence Assessment Benefits  P&C Insurance Fraud
Business Defence Assessment Benefits  Application Fraud and Account Monitoring
Business Defence Assessment Benefits  Payments Fraud
Business Defence Assessment Benefits  Enterprise Case Management
Business Defence Assessment Benefits  Tax Fraud & US Healthcare Fraud Solutions
Business Defence Assessment Benefits  Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud

NetReveal - Defending Against...

BAE Systems is a globally established, expert provider of market-proven financial crime detection and prevention solutions, helping banks, insurers, and government agencies identify fraudulent activity and criminal actors across their organisations.

Our NetReveal Fraud Prevention solutions provide institutions with advanced analytics and detection methodologies employing machine learning techniques to improve operational performance by driving fewer false positives to investigate. And our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities automate routine tasks so investigators can focus more on high value strategic work.
Explore our full range of Fraud Prevention Solutions below.
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Fraud Detection & Prevention

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  • Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud


    NetReveal® Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud

    NetReveal® Unauthorised Trading and Insider Fraud solutions help minimise financial loss, protect customers and identify employee misconduct, collusion, and theft.

  • Tax Fraud and US Healthcare Fraud


    NetReveal® Tax Fraud & US Healthcare Fraud Solutions

    The NetReveal® Tax, Benefit and US Healthcare Fraud solutions enable government agencies to uncover waste and misuse, stopping fraud and increasing revenue.

  • Payments Fraud


    NetReveal® Payments Fraud

    NetReveal Payments Fraud identifies and blocks payment fraud faster and smarter using the latest behavioural profiling, anomaly detection and machine learning techniques.

  • Application Fraud and Account Monitoring


    NetReveal® Application Fraud and Account Monitoring

    The NetReveal Application Fraud and Account Monitoring solution safeguards financial institutions against first-party fraud, identifying suspicious individuals, behaviours, and relationships at the point of application and throughout the account lifecycle.

  • Insurance Fraud


    NetReveal® P&C Insurance Fraud

    The NetReveal® property and casualty (P&C) Insurance Fraud solution provides insurers with the ability to quickly and accurately detect, investigate, and prevent insurance fraud, while minimising the impact on genuine customers.

  • Enterprise Case Management


    NetReveal® Enterprise Case Management

    NetReveal Enterprise Case Management is an open and flexible platform that efficiently organises data (including third-party data), prioritises and centralises alerts and incidents to help manage investigations.