Webinar: Security Outsourcing Part Two - 
How value is justified

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Security Outsourcing: Part TwoSecurity analytics seems to be everywhere; with vendors pushing capabilities and wanting to own the analytics ecosystem. Creating islands of analysis, however, limits the value of the data – that’s where a Managed Security Service (MSS) can help.
We explore how outsourcing security can enable a powerful managed detection and response capability, avoids analytics silos and ensures minimal time to value.

In this second session of a special two-part series with Mark Watkinson (Product Marketing, BAE Systems) we will show how by selecting the right endpoint detection and response tool (and combining it with other data sources and technologies), a very powerful managed detection and response capability emerges.
  • The threat landscape: It’s an asymmetric war
  • Understanding the threat mix
  • Security Operations: The challenge
  • Winning the asymmetric war
  • Squeezing the threat response curve
  • Managed Detection and Response
A Managed Security Services partner with the understanding and the capabilities to fully exploit a Big Data approach to security can help avoid analytics silos within your organisation and provide value by delivering the most appropriate solution for your business.
Ultimately, many organisations could benefit hugely from partnership with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that can offer a set of flexible, scalable and outcome based services tailored to their needs.