Webinar: Security Outsourcing Part One -
Why it makes sense

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Security OutsourcingWithin every organisation there is a unique mix of pressures acting upon security operations. These pressures are constantly changing and evolving over time with your business, making the security needs of each organisation unique.
We explore how outsourcing security with a Managed Security Services (MSS) partner can help release pressure and deliver the right outcome for your business.

In this first session of a special two-part series with Mark Watkinson (Product Marketing, BAE Systems) we explore the potential advantages when considering security outsourcing (MSS) for your organisation:
  • The pressures acting on security operations
  • Understanding the threat mix
  • The key challenges compounding pressures
  • Finding the right tool for the job
  • Advancing technology and harnessing the Cloud
  • How to alleviate the pressures
Organisations generate a huge amount of data relating to security events, but what’s important is the ability to identify what data you need to answer difficult security questions and demonstrate compliance. Quite often, this information and insight can only be achieved through a Big Data approach to security operations.
Ultimately, many organisations could benefit hugely from partnership with a managed security service provider that can offer a set of flexible, scalable and outcome based services tailored to their needs.