Combating a New Class of Sandbox-Aware Malware

Business Defense Webinar Series
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SandboxingAttacks are increasing in the damage they can do to an organisation, and the volume of attacks have also increased.
Email often holds a wealth of intellectual property (IP) if you consider the types of information communicated by this vehicle, making it not only an easy target but a desirable one. It is a business critical tool that if compromised, can paralyse an organisation’s productivity. 
With this in mind, sandboxes were born, and heralded as the new ‘silver bullet’. However, hackers soon reacted and found ways to evade detection in a sandbox. The nature of threats has evolved. Attacks now sidestep modern detection capabilities. The adoption of sandboxes is on the rise, and in the most part, they work “pretty well”, but is that enough to fill you with confidence?
We look into the shortfalls in some depth, including some of the key challenges sandboxing faces:
  • Problem 1: The adversary knows about sandboxing, and they can be evaded
  • Problem 2: Sandboxes are too slow to deploy in-line, user experience is impacted
  • Problem 3: A sandbox is passive, it observes and reports; it tells you what already happened
This webinar explores the issues of relying solely on the sandbox approach and looks at the four ways the adversary is defeating sandboxes and the techniques they use: 
  1. Just wait
  2. Go to sleep
  3. Watch
  4. Blend in
We then go on to review what other unique options are available to organisations today to defend their business. We can help you combat sandbox-aware malware and stay ahead of the adversarys.