Effective Incident Response Today, the chances of being the victim of a targeted data breach are greater than ever. The fact is it’s no longer if you’ll be hacked but when. Businesses need to do everything they can to stop a breach, but equally important is how they react when it does.
So how do you prepare to react quickly and minimize the damage? It boils down to bringing together the necessary people, processes and solutions in a robust incident response strategy.
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Join Darrell Switzer, Senior Director of BAE Systems’ Global Incident Response Services as he takes you through the steps businesses need to take today to prepare for tomorrow’s breach.
Darrell identifies the key roles and responsibilities and training required that will help reduce the exposure of a serious breach. From building a Cyber Incident Response Team to working with third-party legal counsel and law enforcement, this webinar will give you clear, actionable direction to set you on the road to an effective Incident Response plan.
Key Learning Points:
  • The incident response life cycle
  • Critical steps in building a response plan
  • Key roles and responsibilities to reduce exposure
  • Post-incident process
Watch the full webinar here

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