R I S E: Raise-Inspire-Support-Empower

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Women in senior roles within the cybersecurity community are few and far between. While we’ve certainly seen many improvements over the years as more women have joined the cybersecurity industry, there’s still a long way to go
RISE: Raise – Inspire – Support - Empower This is where the RISE mentoring scheme comes in. Raising awareness on the topic will help gradually move the needle in a positive direction. However, practical guidance and support are two areas that can make a real impact, right now. Born out of the Women in Cybersecurity Group at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, the RISE initiative is designed to retain and grow female talent across the industry. RISE works across the industry, connecting mentors and mentees with complementary experiences to bring about tangible results.
For mentors taking part, there’s a lot to be gained. From networking and relationship building on one hand to enhanced leadership skills as well as communication and feedback skills on the other. For mentees, the mentoring initiative provides a platform to connect with mentors in order to build self-confidence, gain business acumen, receive practical advice as well as plenty of networking opportunities.
The official launch of RISE is taking place on 3 December via a virtual event, with over 80 participants, which features guest speakers and provides the first opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet.
In addition to the event, participants will have access to the BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Mentoring Scheme mentoring pack on getting the most from the role of either mentor or mentee.
Greater diversity in the workplace has been proven to improve productivity, reduce employee churn and help organisations hire the brightest and best candidates. And women are part of this diversity. As an industry that is constantly evolving, the cybersecurity space need these types of mentoring initiatives to encourage women to apply for and progress their careers in cyber.
Women in Cyber Security (WiCS)

Women in Cyber Security

Working to support, develop and network with talented women in the cyber security industry. Here at Applied Intelligence, we are committed to helping our staff grow, develop and excel within the cyber security industry. We are also committed to improving the proportion of females within the wider industry.
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Dr Mary Haigh Head of Cyber, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence 3 December 2020