We have teamed up with RUSI, to examine one of the most pressing threats that organisations face today: ransomware attack. There were over 1200 ransomware attacks in 2020 in which data stolen from victim organisations was posted to ransomware operator blogs, and the organisation ‘named and shamed’. Our tracking of the threat shows that at present, there are approximately 40 new victims of this mode of ransomware attack each week, showing that the threat is not going away.
Ransomware: A Perfect Storm In the report, titled "Ransomware: A Perfect Storm", we:
  • Describe the ransomware threat in detail, based on data from BAE Systems Threat Intelligence tracking of ransomware 'double extortion' victim blogs, as well as insights from the BAE Systems Incident Response team;
  • Examine the complexities that society faces in dealing with the ransomware threat;
  • Call for urgent policy action to be taken to help counter the ransomware threat, by presenting a range of policy options for further debate.
The report is a blend of technical and policy analysis, bringing together BAE Systems and RUSI expertise in the domain. Read the full report here.

About the author
James Muir is Threat Intelligence Research Lead at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Ransomware’s Perfect Storm

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James Muir

Threat Intelligence Research Lead, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence