Meet our graduate trainees blog - Prerana Joshi Prerana Joshi, Account Manager

“I’d like to introduce Prerana Joshi – “PJ” – who will be representing BAE Systems.”
Now that’s a line which has been heard in many a high profile meeting over the past couple of years. Whether it’s been discussing priorities with senior civil servants or identifying investment strategies for overseas cyber capacity or participating in a steering committee of pan-defence consortia, PJ has been the woman to turn to.
And yet she’s only 24, has a background in geography and geopolitics and only applied for our internship on a bit of a whim. Talk about a fast learner…
But what PJ lacks in years she more than makes up for in confidence and adaptability, fearlessness, and poise. It’s this combination which has propelled her into the heart of high-priority client engagements; it’s this combination which has parachuted her into different account teams across all our different business units; and it’s this combination which has fueled her presence on projects across our wider BAE Systems Group.
No wonder that since starting her full time roll as a graduate trainee she has already clocked up three promotions and been appointed one of the company’s youngest ever account managers. Just two years into her consulting career, PJ continues to undertake new projects and assume responsibilities that are normally reserved for far more senior colleagues.
It’s an ascent which shows no sign of slowing – much to the relief of clients and colleagues alike.

Meet our graduate trainees blog - Alex Coveney Alex Coveney, Graduate Delivery Manager

Finding yourself thrust into the furnace of a pandemic response is not exactly how many people would choose to start their career. Especially when the role involves something you haven’t done before. 
But that’s exactly what happened to Alex Coveney when he started work as a BAE Systems graduate delivery manager. Fresh from university, he was sent to work on one of BAE’s pandemic response programmes – and he didn’t flinch for a second. Fast forward to today and Alex has risen to become a senior member of the team, clocking up successive leadership roles in the process.
So, how did he do it?
Alex’s group was responsible for the construction and maintenance of a central cloud platform. Deploying his wider experience of live theatre production, Alex stayed calm in crisis, pivoting to solve new problems coming at him from every direction quickly and effectively.
His eye for detail has also come in handy. Thanks to Alex, the team were able to meet extremely demanding deadlines, supporting industry partners and assisting in the country’s pandemic response in its time of greatest need. There’s his fierce sense of collaboration, too. By taking the time to develop strong connections across different roles and teams internally and externally, Alex has helped bridge divides between managers and engineers, leading to better impact as a result, ensuring BAE continue to delivery outstanding value for our clients.
A consultant for only 18 months, Alex has experienced a true baptism of fire, one shaped by cascading challenges, intense pressure and ever-changing demands. But you know what? That’s exactly how he likes it…

Meet our graduate trainees blog - Tom Noble Tom Noble, Business Analyst

What do you do when the start of your career coincides with the beginning of a global pandemic?
Well, if you’re Tom Noble you pen a thought leadership paper on emerging capabilities in policing that breaks company-wide social media records. But how do you follow that up?
In Tom’s case you embrace client work, acting as a trusted advisor to Project Cerberus, a high profile Home Office programme which brings together and analyses diverse data in real time to help quickly detect and combat fraud, crime and illegal migration.
Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, there have been changes to the way the UK can process and retain Passenger Name Record Data. Tom supported Home Office negotiators in their discussions with EU counterparts to manage risk and prove to the European Commission that the UK will be compliant with new regulations.
Internally, too, Tom has been a whirlwind of activity. As well as using his leadership skills to mentor and support an abundance of new recruits, he is now the Lead for Privacy and Accountability for Data Ethics and Law Enforcement. We are now creating our own AI ethical framework for Digital Intelligence, and we’re also in conversations with colleagues from across BAE Systems Group to roll it out across our sister companies.
All this in just a couple of years!

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