International Women in Engineering Day round To be an engineer is to work at the nexus of operations and technology – it’s a role that is interesting and demanding, fulfilling and challenging. No two days are the same and my near three years at Applied Intelligence have flown by.
Thanks to working primarily for government clients, I have learnt how the public sector is always looking for new ways to exploit technology, which at times requires our consultants to be one step ahead in knowledge and expertise. I have worked with some great experts to date, and learnt the importance of networking.
From internal projects looking at international cyber security centres to training courses on Enterprise Risk Management, it has become clear to me that engineering is not only rooted in technology, but also the ability to understand and explain its myriad value to non-tech consumers and clients. In other words, engineering is as much about people skills as it is data analytics coding – and it is this people side that I most enjoy.
Helping clients to exploit new technologies is a key focus of our work here and it’s something that I hope to continue to do long into my career.
I have been fortunate to have worked with a number of ‘Engineering Heroes’ and it would not be fair to pick one. So I would like to say thank you to the following women who have supported and guided me in one way or another throughout my career at BAE Systems. In no specific order, thank you to:
  • Jo Massey
  • Miriam Howe
  • Becky Sharp
  • Becky Clark
  • Fathima Rahman 
  • Maya Kolaska
  • Helen Oram 
You have all been Heroes in my career journey and I look forward to working with and meeting many more ‘Engineering Heroes’ in the months and years to come.
Learn about the BAE Systems All In Club, a community of people who want to improve gender balance and diversity in our workplace and industry.

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Jadesola Gbadebo is a Business Consultant at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
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Jadesola Gbadebo

Business Consultant, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence