How will new whiplash-claim portal impact on personal injury claims fraud? Insurers across the globe have been struggling with fictitious or exaggerated personal road traffic injury claims for many years. The average claim in the UK is £1,850, much lower than in other countries, but in Ireland the typical award is between €10,000-€20,000[1] but with 1,500 claims being made daily this still means that the cost of whiplash claims to policy holders’ amounts to an average of £90 per policy.
As a result of this unacceptable cost, England and Wales recently saw the introduction of a new self-service portal to make self-reporting by not-at-fault members of the public, free, easy and without any need for legal help. The new portal should be used for low-value personal injury claims up to £5,000 (to a maximum total of £10,000 for all losses). Claims will be paid according to a strict fixed tariff, depending on the duration of the injury and medical evidence must be provided.
In his latest blog, Robert Harris, Fraud Product Manager discusses:
  • Concerns regarding the introduction of the new portal
  • The risk of fraudsters increasing other forms of injury claim such as leg, wrist or neurological, and even personal liability
  • The challenges facing insurers with the implementation of the new portal


Robert Harris

Fraud Product Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence