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Best Compliance Product: OpRisk & Regulation Awards 2015

BAE Systems compliance solutions use social network analytics to understand data anomalies or social `connections` that exist within the data that may not typically be uncovered by AML systems. This enables banks to validate their high-risk customers or high-risk geographies, which may not necessarily be reflected in more conventional risk assessments.
Best Compliance Product: OpRi...

Operational Risk and Regulation (OpRisk) awarded BAE Systems this year's Operational Risk award for compliance product of the year, ‘Having recognised the value of advanced network analysis and pattern recognition in taking AML to the next level. Notably, the business has leveraged the network expertise of its parent, BAE Systems, in UK defence and applied it to the financial services sector.’
With the increasing number of fines against financial institutions, banks require an efficient suite of products to support their AML journeys, from customer due diligence and KYC, all the way through to disclosure reporting and suspicious activity monitoring.
Our AML suite of products can be deployed individually or together with alerting and case management, and they can coexist with other systems, which allows a financial institution to keep its current AML programme in place while upgrading its functionality.