Upgraded Managed Security Service helps US businesses proactively defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats

Upgraded Managed Security Service helps US businesses proactively defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats
BAE Systems’ cyber threat hunting experts are helping US businesses to track down threats that would otherwise evade detection through its newly expanded Managed Security Service.
The solution provides real-time, continuous monitoring and threat assessment, enabling businesses to identify new threats and react with speed and accuracy to reduce the potential damage caused by an attack.
A new survey in the United States undertaken for BAE Systems reveals that more than half (54%) of Information Technology professionals say they assess cyber threats just once a week or less. As cyber attacks can occur at any time and often go undetected for weeks or months, it is critical that round-the-clock threat assessment with a human in the loop to focus on genuine threats is employed by organizations seeking to fortify business defenses.
Given the growing volume and sophistication of threats, a shortage of security talent and the need to maximize existing security investment, outsourcing to a trusted partner can reduce the pressure on in-house teams, while ensuring they can harness the best detection and response capability in the market.
Randy Skipper, President of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Americas, said: “The cyber landscape is constantly evolving and the advanced tools and capabilities previously only available to attackers with enormous resources are now in the hands of common criminal gangs.
“Our expanded service with world-leading threat hunting experts will reduce the number of false positives, saving organizations valuable time and resources. This will allow businesses to maximize security budgets while helping them stay ahead of even the most advanced cyber criminals.”
BAE Systems’ new Managed Security Service builds on a decade of expertise in protecting its own networks and those of large corporate and government clients. It recognizes that in today’s world, a traditional approach, such as automated detection, does not always provide sufficient protection, as persistent attackers can navigate around alarm systems and find ways to infiltrate an organization’s systems.
Key findings revealed in the recent survey of 200 IT professionals at US organizations:
  • 97% believe business security and defense is a priority for their organizations;
  • 87% believe their organization’s leadership understands the serious impact of a cyber attack;
  • Compromising sensitive company financial data (63%) and compromising customer information (58%) are top concerns when it comes to cyber attacks;
  • 50% are concerned about the hijacking of credentials to compromise customers or suppliers;
  • 33% worry that too many employees are not aware of the cyber risks involved in using social media and digital channels;
  • Despite this, only 21% of organizations assess cyber threats on an hourly basis.
These findings, coupled from another recent study showing the average cost of cyber intrusions on US businesses is about $500,000, means the ability to monitor, detect and defend against intrusions on a 24/7 basis is paramount for organizational leaders who grow ever more worried about cyber intrusions, and its potential damage to their businesses and customers.
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