Cyber security ties strengthened between Singapore and London
The Lord Mayor was joined by City of London Police Sargent Charlie Morrison, who works with business on cyber issues.
The meeting, with select senior members of the Singapore financial community, and from government agencies including Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) discussed UK Singapore cyber collaboration, financial services, Cyber Threats, Insights and trends for 2019, with BAE Systems moderating.
Key to Singapore’s efforts in combating Cyber Threats and financial crime is the support of international partners and government agencies who bring knowledge, expertise, advanced technology and solutions to cyber and financial crime.
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence helps defend Singaporean banks and businesses in the fight against cyber and financial crime through their tools and services which prevent and detect against cyber attacks, identify entities and people who are subject to international sanctions, eliminate contact with criminals and ensure they can do business with the lawful. This support helps banks and other financial institutions comply with regulatory requirements.
Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of London, said:
“This was a great opportunity to discuss how we can work with our Singaporean counterparts to combat the challenge of global cyber-crime. The UK has much to contribute – we have the largest cyber market in Europe, while over a third of all global cyber insurance goes through London. I was pleased that the City of London Police were able to brief on the Cyber Griffin initiative, a world-leading approach in increasing business resilience against cyber-crime.
“As two leading financial centres, London and Singapore have a shared interest in fighting cyber-crime. It is vital that we work together to tackle this growing threat for the benefit of our citizens and businesses.”
Sanjay Samuel, Managing Director, APAC for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, said:
“Digital technology has evolved from being a feature, to being part of the very fabric of the world in which we live and work. While this digital age continues to present us with advancements which are improving the quality of so many facets of our lives, with it our exposure to cyber-criminal activity has greatly increased.”
“Cyber threats are now deadly serious. They can lead to huge frauds, paralyze national infrastructure and change the course of history. To combat this, we need global collaboration and bringing the best of Singapore and London together to discuss this issue will help ensure we are prepared to combat this challenge.“

Through their local investments and partnerships, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has developed a proven track record in delivering advanced cyber security and financial crime detection services, creating highly skilled jobs and developing local talent.
In Singapore, we employ almost 100 people serving the financial and government sector providing them with cyber security and financial crime solutions.
Cyber security ties strengthened between Singapore and London
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