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The security company advise organisations on becoming more human-centric in their digital transformation and deliver services which enhance the customer experience, improve employee productivity and unlock the value of existing IT systems. The ranking system, based on revenue, reflects the organisation’s thriving design and build business unit and its expertise in understanding and implementing complex engineering projects.
Alongside the number ten position in the Top 100 rankings, BAE Systems’ expertise in digital strategy user research, user experience design, and full stack development has also earnt it the number two ranking for best Design & Build agency in the UK.
As experts in secure digital transformation, cyber defence and data, BAE Systems focuses on ensuring the security and robustness of digital infrastructure, while at the same time providing a frictionless user experience.
Simon Parbutt, Digital Strategist at BAE Systems said:
“We have been ranked in the econsultancy top 10 for over 10 years now. Across those 10 years we have seen demand from our clients to solve complex problems in their most critical environments. Now, our teams also have to change the scale and pace organisations see value from their investments. I believe our consistent presence in the top 10 is driven by our ability to find that value. We have a deep understanding the client’s mission, as well as their bottom line, courage to try new things and an unwavering commitment to the people in the loop - customers, employees and citizens.”
Defined by complexity, integration and intelligence, the user experience team helps organisations like Vodafone, Network Rail, Transport for London optimise their business through their digital channels, and to become more human centric during this transformation. In the last 12 months, the Company have seen a growing interest from clients in our Design Systems, Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Design capabilities alongside digital transformation initiatives.
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