BAE Systems protects the digital assets of more than 5,500 organisations worldwide. The company has a strong track record of building relationships with customers and partners across Asia Pacific and has a wide network of 15 offices in 10 ASEAN countries, including Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, providing some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led solutions to major organisations. In Singapore, the company has seen its headcount triple over the past year.

Recognised as a top player in the cloud business email market, the expansion into the cloud of the company’s security offering in Singapore aims to meet high customer demand for a wide and flexible portfolio of solutions - from on-premise services to cloud-based services and managed security services - to combat the ever-increasing cyber threat.

Most cyber attacks start with an email message; the first set of cloud-based products to be introduced by BAE Systems into Singapore will therefore comprise BAE Systems’ Email Protection Services (EPS) which provides comprehensive protection against advanced threats. The offerings include:

• Zero Day Prevention
• Insider Threat Prevention
• Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
• Email Encryption
• Email Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
• Email Archiving
• Email Business Continuity

With 70-90% of malware being unique to any single organisation, the most difficult attacks to defend against are Zero Day attacks - attacks that are unknown or have not previously been seen and that, as a consequence, require advanced defence. Therefore, a core element of BAE Systems’ EPS solution is Zero Day Prevention, which provides customers with the most advanced protection from today’s sophisticated threats. Most importantly, the technology is based on innovative and pioneering techniques which analyse the email in the cloud for malicious content and intent, before it reaches the recipient.

Additionally, one of the biggest risks to businesses is the threat of employees who accidentally or purposefully leak data. Most companies are unprepared for this kind of problem, but BAE Systems makes it easy to find and investigate insider issues with its Insider Threat Prevention service, which forms part of the EPS product suite.

Nick Turnbull, Director, Cyber Security, Asia, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, said:

“As Singapore moves towards its Smart Nation goal, a focus on cyber security is arguably the best defence companies can employ against the current wave of attacks on their critical assets. By introducing Singaporean companies to cloud-based protection in a way that is easy to buy, consume and manage, we aim to help protect those companies against today’s most sophisticated threats. Not only can cloud-based services be delivered within short timescales - dealing with threats almost immediately - but also, companies will also have the ability to scale their security up or down, as required, making them more agile in their response.”


Notes to editors

The 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that between 70-90% of malware is unique to a single organisation and that a campaign of just 10 emails has more than a 90% chance of at least one person opening it.

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