Category: Award

Theme: Cyber Security

Date: October 2013

Awarded by: Frost and Sullivan

BAE Systems Detica today announces that it has been awarded global research organisation Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 Award for European Customer Value Leadership in Managed Cyber Security Services. The award was presented to BAE Systems Detica in recognition of its outstanding performance in the managed cyber security services market, and in particular its ability to detect the most sophisticated threats, its unique customer approach, and strong product portfolio. This is the second Managed Cyber Security Services Award Frost & Sullivan has awarded Detica.
Detica’s success was achieved in the face of increased competition, with the managed security services (MSS) market in EMEA continuing to see strong growth in 2012 and Frost & Sullivan expecting that the market will maintain double-digit year on-year growth rates over the next five years.
Frost & Sullivan paid particular tribute to the launch this year of Detica’s CyberReveal, a large scale behaviour analytics platform which identifies suspicious communications behaviour. The company also singled out Detica for its excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create and enhance value for customers - beyond simply good customer service - leading to improved retention and ultimately customer base expansion.
Moreover, Frost & Sullivan’s best practices research indicates that having an in-depth understanding of the risks that an organisation is exposed to is crucial for delivering compelling managed security services. Translating these risks into measurable operational and financial impact is of paramount importance, because many organisations still struggle when justifying MSS investments. Frost & Sullivan remarked that BAE Systems Detica's strategy emphasises these aspects, helping organisations to build a business case around MSS and customising its MSS solutions to address specific customer risks.
David Garfield, Managing Director, Cyber Security at BAE Systems Detica said:

We're delighted to see our cyber proposition recognised by Frost & Sullivan for the value that it brings to customers around the world, especially given the increased number of competitors entering the managed security services market over the past 12 months.
“To stand out from the crowd we are continually innovating and developing exciting new products by combining technology-based solutions with human expertise. Refusing to stand still is something that our customers have come to expect and we will continue to evolve in order to put ourselves in the strongest position to retain and ultimately expand our managed security customer base.”

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