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Welcome to Digital Intelligence
Welcome to Digital Intelligence. We collect, connect and understand complex data, so that our customers can unlock digital advantage in the most demanding environments. Working in partnership with us, governments, armed forces and commercial businesses can tackle the evolving challenges of the digital age

Your doorway to digital advantage

We advance technology to solve today’s problems, whilst unlocking solutions for the future. We share a passion for helping our customers achieve their missions; defending democracy and protecting citizens.

Experience you can count on

BAE Systems is an 89,600-strong defence and security company with a long history of helping our customers harness innovation through the successful delivery of some of the world’s most complex integrated systems. We have been helping to defend the largest nations and businesses in the world for over forty years against advanced threats.
Discover Digital Intelligence - Click to download the full infographic

Discover Digital Intelligence - Click to download the full infographic

Our history

We have a 40+ year heritage of working in data and security. Since 2000, we have expanded rapidly through the digital revolution, working in multiple industries and building our portfolio of cutting edge solutions. Our new company, Digital Intelligence, launched at the beginning of 2022 bringing together digital capabilities from across the BAE Systems Group - learn more about our history.

Discover our work

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Case studies

Explore how we solve our customers’ challenges using a unique blend of technology, industry knowledge and domain expertise.
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Unlocking our brand identity: the doorway to digital advantage

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The Digital Doorway

At BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, we’re proud to help our customers unlock the digital doorway to the world of advantage that lies beyond. While the use of digital is constant in our work, by its nature its style, application, as well as the goals of our customers’ missions constantly shift. To reflect this evolving world, you’ll see our brand in different forms, but it will always stand for digital. Our unique, unparalleled capability is the doorway to your digital future.

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