Innovation Lab

It's not just security. It's defence
Our mission at BAE Systems is to secure and defend the connected world. With far reaching trends such as mobility, automation, globalisation and Internet of Things driving rapid and significant change, we know how important it is to always look to the future.
The Innovation Lab is where we explore the impact of the technological, social, and economic trends that are driving change, and where we collaborate with our Innovation Partners to ensure that we’re able to secure and defend the connected world of tomorrow.
Innovation Lab

Our Focus

We focus on a number of arenas where we see substantial and disruptive change to sectors. A number of elements drive this, ranging from technological and legislative changes, right through to changing socio-demographic factors. There are a number of examples from a wide range of sectors and we will be adding new focus areas as the team grows.
Current examples of our focus areas include: mapping the impact of PSD2 within the financial service sector, developing propositions that help businesses manage the challenge of GDPR and building on our long heritage of data analytics and digital transformation within the transport sector.

Our Innovation Partners

Securing and defending the connected world is a big challenge, and like all big challenges it's best to work with others who can bring diverse view points, experience, and expertise to the discussion. The selected list of partners below are helping us explore some of these challenges in the future connected world. If you’d like to join them, and us, please get in touch:
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Our Initiatives

There is a lot going on within our Innovation Lab and we're working hard to bring as many of them as possible out into the world. Watch this space for new propositions and ideas as we incubate them and share our ideas with customers and partners.
If you have an interest in understanding more about our work, or participating in our collaboration programmes then please get in touch.
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The transport industry generates huge amounts of data every day. We help transport providers enhance productivity by tranforming their data in powerful insights.