At BAE Systems Applied Intelligence we have established the Dyslexia Network in order to provide education, resources and support to the dyslexic community across our business.
Approximately one in 10 people in the UK are dyslexic to some degree so this network, which is nearly 100 people strong, has been set up to foster new ideas, strengthen awareness, accelerate information gathering and enhance our dyslexia resources.
The Dyslexia Network encourages colleagues to provide support to themselves and others by meeting regularly to discuss monthly topics and the company’s progress towards the network’s objectives.

The Dyslexia Network’s guiding principles

Dyslexia is part of our wider approach to diversity and Inclusion, which is everybody's responsibility
  • We are not bystanders
  • We encourage an understanding of what dyslexia is amongst our colleagues
  • We foster those around us who identify with dyslexia but might not be diagnosed
We are curious
  • We create content to help educate us and those around us
  • We want to find out about other diversity and inclusion issues
Let’s talk about it
  • We want to inspire other dyslexics to come forward about their dyslexia, inside and outside the network
  • We will establish greater awareness of what dyslexia is
  • We will highlight the strengths of being dyslexic

Our objectives steer the group towards common goals

Raise awareness
  • Combat bias
  • Educate at all levels
  • Help influence policy
Provide a platform
  • Empower content creation, inside and outside the network
  • Provide a place for education
  • Create a space where likeminded people can be open and honest
Help and support
  • Allow people to move forward
  • Support those looking for a diagnosis
  • Help combat anxiety and stress

For more information on the Dyslexia Network, the work we do or to collaborate with us, please contact below:


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