Here at Digital Intelligence, we are committed to helping our staff grow, develop and excel within the cyber security industry. We are also committed to improving the proportion of females within the wider industry. The Women in Cyber group was developed to support these goals  and we pursue them in the following way:

Supporting the next generation

Help inspire the next generation into a career in cyber security, regardless of gender. We achieve this through a number of STEM engagements with local schools, inviting students to BAE Systems and tutoring GCSE and A-Level students. At a higher academic level, we are working with universities to help students understand what it means to be a security expert and make the jump from academia to the professional world of cyber security slightly smaller.


Create an empowered, high performing group of female cyber security experts. We have developed an environment where females can excel within their chosen area of security. As part of our wider D&I programme we also offer various training courses and attend events to help females leverage their career in the industry. This has also seen anti-bias training provided to those in senior management roles to ensure there is no discrimination (positive or negative) across all levels of the company.


Attract women into the business who can contribute to our company wide mission and help organisations understand and defend against the security threats facing them today.


As part of our wider D&I programme we provide employees with the support they require, through either flexible working or support groups that nurture and support our diverse workforce.

If you would like to find out more about the WiCS group, or if you would like us to speak at an event, please contact us at:
Women in Cyber Security (WiCS)

Interested in Mentorship?

BAE Systems’ R.I.S.E (Raise, Inspire, Support, Empower) mentoring initiative is designed to support, retain and grow female cyber talent across the industry. Not limited to BAE Systems, R.I.S.E is open to cyber–focused organisations and individuals who are eager to get involved as either mentors and/or mentees. R.I.S.E members are matched with suitable mentors/mentees and supported through the process with access to regular group catch ups, roundtable discussions and networking with R.I.S.E members. You will have the chance to try out different matches, engage with professionals spanning the cyber landscape and draw on the support of a community championing the progression of women in cyber. While focusing on women mentees, we welcome mentors of any gender or level who are keen to participate. If you are interested in hearing more, click 'Find out more' below and share your details with us.
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